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Karam ES009 Chemical Splash Goggles

Karam ES009 Chemical Splash Goggles


  • Comes with a unique wrap-around design
  • Hardened anti-fog coated lens offering superior vision to prevent the building up of mist.
  • Smoked lens model also provides optimum protection against harmful UV radiation.
  • Has a soft PVC shroud around the lens to ensure 100% sealing of the eyes against chemical and liquid splashes.
  • The shroud has 4 ventilation caps, 2 on the top and 2 at the bottom of the frame. These are special one-way vents which allow air movement while keeping harmful liquid-splashes out.
  • Has a fully adjustable elastic head-band for a snug fit.
  • Tested at elevated temperatures, resistant to ignition and optically tested.
  • Tested for disinfection, increased robustness.

Material of Lens
High Impact resistant optical class 1 anti-fog coated Polycarbonate lens which makes it completely fog-resistant.

Lens Scale No.
• Clear: 3-1.2, Smoked: 5-3.1

70 gms approx

Lens Shade Options
Clear, Smoked

Certified to
EN 166:2001 Conforms to ANSI Z 87.1-2010