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Karam RFH01 FFPP1 Safety mask with head loop

Karam RFH01 FFPP1 Safety mask with head loop

  • Unique design for full face coverage down to the chin that exerts uniform pressure all across the facial contour
  • Soft and easily adjustable headband
  • Exhalation Valve allows one -way ventilation
  • Special spectacle seat on the nose clip for resting of spectacles with no fogging
  • Ultrasonically sealed metal-reinforced flexible plastic nose-clip within the layers of the Mask
  • Ultrasonically sealed headband onto the Mask for better strength
  • Every Mask comes with batch number/ lot number details for complete transparency with the user
  • Fully sterilized before being packaged
  • Comes with a catchy zig-zag pattern on the edge (Design registration pending)
  • Certified to IS 9473:2002